Breast Asymmetry

Can breast asymmetry be corrected by breast augmentation surgery? This  is a question often asked by my patients and the answer is “yes”.

Many women  are  naturally larger on one side compared to the other.  Based on each patient’s individual characteristics, a surgeon has the option of picking implants to address each patient’s  asymmetry  based on the implants base width, volume, and projection.  Various  profile implants  are now available which can successfully correct breast asymmetry.

Profile refers to the projection of  an implant.  An implant can have vastly different shape given  identical volume based on whether the implant is a low profile, moderate profile or a high profile.  One of the breast implant manufacturers which I routinely use  offers   three different profiles for any given width of an implant.  For instance, an 11.7 centimeter base width silicone  implant  in low profile option has a volume of 240 cc’s,  in moderate profile a volume of 287 cc’s,  and in high profile 375 cc’s.  With this type of direct comparison it is easier  for a patient to visualize how important implant profile is when choosing an implant based on each patient’s individual characteristics.  I routinely demonstrate this comparison of implant profiles and dimensions to patients during their initial consult  so that they have a firm understanding that implant volume is not the most important factor when choosing an implant.  Projection of the implant is very important  to the overall outcome and final shape of the breast after surgery, especially if asymmetry is an issue. An implant of a greater projection can make up for the discrepancy  of native breast tissue from side to side, thereby correcting  pre-existing breast asymmetry.

Sometimes the base width of one breast is greater than the other.  If the patient demonstrates roughly similar or equal amount of native breast tissue, the surgeon can choose appropriate implants to make up for this discrepancy.

Many times it is a combination of breast base width as well as breast native tissue which accounts for the  apparent breast asymmetry. In these cases, it is somewhat more challenging for the surgeon to choose the  implants. In these instances,  breast implant sizers  can be utilized. Click here for before/after

A sizer is a temporary implant, either saline filled or silicone filled, which the surgeon can  use at the time of surgery to  determine the best implant for each patient’s particular needs.  This adds to the time, work, and therefore overall cost of breast augmentation surgery. This additional cost is well worth the effort if you have a discernible  breast size difference from side to side.

I just operated on a patient last week in which asymmetrical sized implants were utilized based on the use of sizers  in the operating room. Her outcome was almost perfect symmetry post operatively.

Breast implant size and shape  is just one of the many factors a surgeon should consider when performing breast augmentation surgery, especially if breast asymmetry is an issue. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, be sure  that your surgeon has the experience and training to explain  to you all of your options based on your individual needs. This is especially true if breast asymmetry is one of your major concerns in considering breast augmentation surgery.

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