Breast Reduction

Regain comfort and confidence with a breast reduction in Florida

Disproportionately large breasts frequently cause physical and emotional distress. Women with large breasts may experience postural issues, back and shoulder pain, and be unable to exercise or participate in sporting activities comfortably.

Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, offers a fantastic solution to the strain caused by large breasts. A safe procedure that reduces the weight and size of the breasts, breast reduction patients are amongst the happiest that Dr. Timothy Bradley sees leave his office.

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What are the health implications of large breasts?

Macromastia, or disproportionately large breasts, are enlarged breasts that sag and cause chronic physical and mental distress.

The constant weight of the breasts strains the neck, shoulders, and back, which causes cramping and poor posture. Secondary health issues are also associated with macromastia, including reduced blood circulation, an inability to fill the lungs with air, skin chaffing between the breast and torso, and shoulder indentations caused by a heavy bra.

These functional limitations impede upon a woman’s ability to perform physical activities, and in many cases, merely standing upright can cause severe discomfort. With breast reduction surgery, however, these limitations can be removed.

Last year, over 40,000 American women discovered the life-changing benefits offered by breast reduction surgery. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bradley to begin your journey to a happier, healthier life.

The benefits of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery improves the quality of life in the patient by;

–         Relieving strain on the neck, shoulders, and back caused by heavy breasts

–         Giving the breasts a more symmetrical, youthful appearance

–         Allowing for comfortable participation in sport and other physical activities like dancing

–         Improving posture

–          Opening up the airways and making breathing easier

–         Eliminating skin chaffing and bra strap indentations

–         Restoring a positive self-body image

If large breasts are the source of physical or emotional discomfort, there is no downside to a breast reduction surgery. According to past patients, we are confident that you will lead a happier, healthier life after your procedure.

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How breast reduction can make you happier and healthier

Breast reduction consistently ranks among the most satisfying of all cosmetic procedures in the United States. Addressing both functional and aesthetic issues, breast reduction has a very positive impact on a woman’s quality of life.

By reducing the size and weight of large breasts, after their surgery, women can better enjoy physical activity, exercise, and daily life. The benefits of breast reduction surgery are comprehensive; it restores the appearance of the bust, reduces the load on the shoulders, neck, and back, and improves self-image.

Patients from all walks of life ask Dr. Bradley for this procedure. The breasts must be fully developed before any procedure, so younger patients must be sure this is the case. Professional women in the workforce often wish to draw less attention to themselves in a male-dominated environment, and older women are just tired of the discomfort and rigmarole involved in fitting bras and clothing.

Not one of Dr. Bradley’s breast reduction patients has ever expressed regret after the procedure. What’s more, recovery from the procedure is relatively fast, and patients experience minimal postoperative pain.

breast reduction

Are there any other benefits or potential risks associated with breast reduction?

On top of the benefits outlined above, there is evidence that breast reduction surgery does lower the patient’s susceptibility to breast cancer. As breast reduction surgery removes tissue from the breast, some potentially harmful tissue may be removed during the procedure.

However, Dr. Bradley stresses that if a patient does have a high risk of developing cancer, then any surgery done should remove all breast tissue, thus fully eliminating the risk.

Although breast reduction is a well researched and relatively safe procedure, you must be familiar with any inherent risk associated with the surgery.

The most common risks include undesirable scarring, a potential change in nipple or breast sensation, excessive breast firmness, and the potential inability to breastfeed. We only bring these issues to your attention, as Dr. Bradley believes in full disclosure between himself and his patients. Total transparency and honesty about both the positive and negative aspects of breast reduction lead to a stress-free, seamless procedure.

These complications are infrequent and generally only occur if the procedure is performed on a highly unsuitable candidate, or performed by a poorly trained, uncertified plastic surgeon.

An award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon with over twenty-two years of practical experience, you can rest assured that Dr. Bradley is one of the most capable surgeons available to safely perform your breast reduction surgery.

What will my initial consultation with Dr. Bradley consist of?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Bradley will thoroughly examine your medical history, current circumstances, expectations for the surgery, and future plans, in order to determine your suitability for the operation.

Dr. Bradley and yourself will discuss why you want the surgery, what your relationship with medications, alcohol, supplements, and drugs is, and the prevalence of breast cancer throughout your family history.

By taking precise measurements and detailing the size, shape, skin quality, and nipple placement of your breasts, Dr. Bradley will discuss the procedure and what you can expect after the surgery. He will give you instructions and recommendations to prepare for the procedure, and you will agree upon a date and time for your surgery.

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What will happen on the day of my breast reduction?

Once you have prepared for your operation according to the instructions given to you by Dr. Bradly, you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from his Weston clinic for your appointment.

Under anesthesia, Dr. Bradley will remove excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin through an incision. He will then reshape the breast and reposition the nipple and areola as discussed in your consultation, giving you the desired results. He then closes the incision with sutures to support the newly sculpted breasts. The entire operation will typically take between two and three hours.

After the effects of the anesthesia fade, your chaperone will drive you home to rest and begin your recovery.

What will my recovery process look like?

Surprisingly, postoperative pain is minimal after breast reductions. However, rest and relaxation will be high on your list for the first week after your procedure.

For a few weeks after the surgery, you will also wear a supportive bra designed to protect your sensitive breasts and expedite the healing process.

You need to stay off your feet for the first few days, so having someone assist you at home would be ideal. You can resume non-strenuous walks and activity around one week after the procedure, but you need to wait three to six weeks before you can begin lifting and exercising again.

Large breasts and their associated complications are something that you can choose to fix. To stop living in physical pain and experiencing emotional distress, reach out to Dr. Timothy Bradley on +1-954-951-5904 or by filling in his online form to arrange a consultation today.