Liposuction can remove inches from your waist

Liposuction can remove inches from your waist by removing localized fat deposits at the Flanks (known as “love handles”) and the area of the lower abdomen ( sometimes referred to as a “pooch”).  Liposuction is considered body contouring and is not to be considered as a method of weight reduction, however, in the properly selected individual a dramatic reduction in waist circumference can be obtained.

I just saw a patient in follow up who lost over 7 inches from a single UAL (Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction) procedure.  This individual was frustrated at prior attempts to lose the “love handles and “pooch”  of the lower anterior abdomen.   In addition, this individual had to reduce the waist circumference by four inches because of occupational requirements. Based on the well localized areas of fat deposits, I was quite certain I could attain this degree of improvement utilizing  Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction.  Although I do not guarantee or promise a certain amount of circumference loss when performing a liposuction procedure, experience has taught me who can expect the most improvement  We were both pleasantly surprised with the measurements at three months post op.

Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL) is especially useful in removing  fat from the flank region of the waist. This area is quite fibrous and the fat is not as easily or consistently removed with conventional Suction Assisted Liposuction (SAL) techniques.  Also,  UAL has the added benefit of potentially increasing the amount of skin retraction, thus improving the final contour of the treated area post operatively.  This individual went from the typical convex deformity of the flank region before the UAL procedure to having a youthful concave curvature to the flank region post operatively. The anterior lower abdomen responds just as favorably to SAL (Suction Assisted Liposuction) as it does to UAL  (Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction) procedures. This is because this area is not fibrous.  UAL may be more beneficial in this region if there is poorer skin tone or some stretch marks on the skin. This is due to the increased potential to cause a more pronounced skin retraction utilizing Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction

What liposuction will NOT do is provide an individual with a “six pack”  of the abdomen or increase muscle definition.  It does not matter which liposuction technique is utilized. It is false advertising when you see a before and after photo where an individual goes from being a “fatty” pre op to having  a “Mr. Universe”  physique post op. The same can be said for “Lipo Dissolve” and the other non invasive “laser” techniques  which so often  promises results which simply can not be attained. Remember:  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Liposuction procedures are not methods of weight reduction!  I often am asked “how much weight will I lose?”.  I have no idea how to answer that question and I have done literally a thousand liposuction procedures over the last fourteen years.  I tell my patients who pose that question the same thing : I can reduce the thickness of the area treated  so that you can only “pinch an inch” post op,  but I can not tell an individual how that will correlate to weight loss.

So how do you know if you can expect to decrease your waist circumference with a liposuction procedure? Only a thorough  examination  and consultation will tell.   There are many factors to be considered and a qualified plastic surgeon who is well trained and thoroughly experienced in the use of liposuction can make those types of determinations.

I have seen many men who present with the classic “pot belly” or “beer belly” who thought that they could “lose their gut”  with a liposuction procedure only to be told “not so”.  In some individuals this type of  deformity is due to fat accumulation inside the abdomen and not an accumulation of fat beneath the skin. Only subcutaneous fat (the fat beneath the skin) can be removed with liposuction procedures.

Other patients have poor skin tone which makes them poor candidates for liposuction. The skin has to be able to retract post operatively for liposuction to be a viable option. Other individuals simply have too much skin and fat to be addressed with  only liposuction  and would be better served with an abdominoplasty procedure,  sometimes with  concurrent liposuction .  Abdominoplasty surgery in conjunction with  liposuction can absolutely do wonders to improve the contour of an individual’s waist.

Of course, no discussion regarding cosmetic surgery  would be complete without stressing the importance of patient safety. You must be in good physical condition to undergo liposuction surgery. Once again, a well qualified plastic surgeon can make that determination.

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