Rhinoplasty in Weston, Florida

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, reshapes the nose by decreasing or increasing size, changing the tip or bridge, narrowing the nostrils’ span, removing a bump, or changing the angle between the upper lip and nose. Nose contour is a vital component of facial appearance. Profound or subtle, refined or distorted, nose proportion […]

Laser resurfacing vs. Surgical Facelift, which is right for you?

Laser skin resurfacing improves the fine and deep wrinkles in the skin caused by sun damage and aging. It will smooth the fine “crepe paper” wrinkling under the eyes and  smooth wrinkles between the eyes  and the crow’s feet area. Laser resurfacing will also remove the hyper-pigmentation associated with cumulative sun damage (“age spots” or […]