Breast Implant Revision

I had a consultation yesterday regarding Breast implant revision. The patient had saline breast implants placed more than 12 years ago and was interested in her options for having the saline implants exchanged for silicone implants. She also wanted her breast contour improved stating that she  would like  to have her breasts made “more perky” […]

Breast Augmentatioin or Breast Lift??

I saw a patient today and she stated ” I would like a breast augmentation, but I don’t know if I need a breast lift” ( also known as mastopexy). This is a very common inquiry, especially among women who have had children. The short answer as to whether breast augmentation alone is enough to […]

Breast Asymmetry

Can breast asymmetry be corrected by breast augmentation surgery? This  is a question often asked by my patients and the answer is “yes”. Many women  are  naturally larger on one side compared to the other.  Based on each patient’s individual characteristics, a surgeon has the option of picking implants to address each patient’s  asymmetry  based […]

Silicone vs. Saline…which is better for Breast Augmentation?

Many of my patients  who I see in consultation for breast augmentation surgery have questions regarding the benefits of silicone implants vs. saline. This is especially true since the huge media scare  back in the 1990’s claiming that silicone implants were the cause of  a multitude of health related issues. First of all, silicone implants […]

Implant position: Under or over the muscle?

A breast augmentation patient inquired yesterday as to whether it is better to place the implant above or below the muscle. The answer to this question depends very much on the individuals characteristics of the patient and the patient’s  desires. The simple answer from your potential surgeon of “that is the way I do all […]

What does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

The typical cost of breast augmentation surgery, including implants can vary from low of $5800.00 for saline implants to a high of more than $8500.00 for silicone implants.  In some parts of the country ( like New York City for example), breast augmentation surgery can be $10,00 or more. Fortunately in the MidWest the costs […]

Recovery time after breast augmentation surgery

What is the recovery time after breast augmentation surgery  is a question frequently asked by patients.  To answer  that question  each patient has to be define what they mean by “recovery”. Do you mean “when can I return to work” or “when can I return to unrestricted  physical activity” or does recovery refer to the […]