Breast Surgery

Many women concerned about their appearance pay particular attention to their breasts; after all, these are a critical aspect of feminine curves.  There are three types of cosmetic surgery a woman can employ to enhance her figure and improve self-esteem. These include breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Bradley, has vast experience in making women look younger and feel more feminine by enhancing breast shape, size, and elevation.

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Restore fullness, volume, and symmetry to your breasts by utilizing the most advanced breast implants and breast augmentation techniques. An excellent procedure for women who would like larger breasts or need help after having children, losing significant weight, or dealing with the natural aging process.

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A breast lift will reposition and recontour your breasts to achieve that sensual upward curve. Enjoy a perky breast appearance that will make you feel young, vibrant, and sexy without significantly changing the size of your bustline. This customizable procedure can also be combined with others to enhance both shape and volume of the breasts, depending on your goals.

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A breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed for women who are tired of having uncomfortably large breasts. This breast surgery has the power to not only improve your aesthetics but the quality of your life as well.

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